Welcome to the world of finest metal handicrafts artisans.

Here at our organization we value our customers.

These all are handicraft works, so actual article may slightly differs as shown in photo.

In some products it may take time in delivery, if product is not ready, the same can be followed by contacting us through phone call or e-mail.

Goods once sold can never be returned.

Organization shall ensure undamaged products and best packing to prevent damages, if any but takes no responsibility for any damage and will not be liable for the same, if any, during transportation. No refunds, organization shall offer repair at your costs.

Organization secures all rights for quality parameters, rates e.t.c. and no one can challenge it.

For any customized requirement, original product may slightly differ as up to the limitations of metal.

Disputes if any, will be resolved under Moradabad jurisdiction only.

In case of wrong product delivered, exchange will be made or failing of it, full refund will be provided within 15 days of complete acknowledgement.